Toshiko Ezaki is a composer, singer, songwriter, and producer from Kyoto, Japan, who is now living in Vancouver, Canada..

She has composed many songs for well-known Japanese artists, such as Kosuke Atari and Misaki Usuzawa,
and has sung background vocals for several more.

Ms. Ezaki has also composed music and performed vocal work on many television and radio commercials.
She has also created instrumental pieces for both her CDs and for companies in Japan and abroad.

In 2002, Ms. Ezaki was put in charge of composing the music and singing the ending theme song for the animated cartoon series Pocket Monsters (or ‘Pokemon’) and again, in 2012, composed and sang background vocals on Pokemon’s ending theme song.

In addition to her compositions, Ms. Ezaki produces CDs for indie artists on her own label, Moss Green Records, works as a voice trainer and crystal bowl player, and continues to perform live in front of audiences across southern and central Japan.


Released "Apple tea" on Blow Wind Records in 2001.
Released "Spices" on Moss Green Records in 2004.
Released collaborative album "Musk" with composer and pianist Ryuji Iuchi in 2005.
Released "Eight Children" on Moss Green Records in 2008.
Released "Voice Painting" on Moss Green Records in 2010.
Released "Arbol Grande" on Moss Green records in 2015.


  arbol grande  

「Arbol Grande」

1. Voices
2. Shoumei
3. Time to Fly
4. Te amo
5. Simple
6. Bokurashiku arutameni
7. Orientea
8. Hi-iro
9. Onaji soranoshita
10. Home

  Appletea   「Apple tea」

1. Apple tea
2. Yume no tsuduki
3. Shinin' on
4. Tokai
5. Kono michi (Traditional)
6. Shiro to kuro
7. Asa ga kurumaeni
8. Moon life
9. Eien no mukouni

10. Eien no mukouni (PianoVersion)

    「Eight Chidren」

1. Ie ji
2. Aisuru hitotachi
3. Omoide no sugusobade(Inst)
4. Oboro dukiyo (Traditional)
5. It`s all right
6. Sora ni narou
7. moontail
8. Mahiru no hanabi
9. Nanatsu no ko (Traditional)
10. Natsukasha
  voice painting   「Voice Painting」

1. 共存 - Coexistence -  
2. Endless Horizon
3. Dolsando Wind  
4. 透明な記憶 - Toumei na Kioku -
5. Prussian Blue
6. 浮遊する白 -Fuyuu suru shiro-
7. East Asia  
8. 伽羅 - Kyara -  
9. 紫苑 - Shion -
10. Tuberose〜月下香〜
  spices   「Spices」

1. Overture
2. Mezame
3. Flee
4. Planetariumu
5. 爛花〜ranka〜
6. Negai
8. Sorezore ni
9. Oka ni nobotte



【Toshiko Ezaki Solo Concert】

■Date: April. 28th, 2019
■Ticket $25

■Hood 29

■Toshiko Ezaki(Vo) & Yujiro Nakajima(G)
(Soramaru Takayama&Toshiko E.)







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